At Fawn & Blu you will find an eclectic mix of goods with stories to tell, and soul to match!

Every handmade piece has its own theme, representing its maker's mission and passion. We’re passionate about building relationships and hand selecting quality goods from quality makers, whether they are local to the Austin area or established in their own community. We also offer a variety of Beauty Services to aid in your overall wellness and self-care routine. Check out our service menu and conveniently book your appointment here!

We’re proud to represent a number of countries and cultures in our shop, both online and in our South Austin shop. From apothecary to macrame, African mud clothes, hand carved beads and more—we’re constantly adding to our product line to bring you unique one-of-a-kind pieces. If you’re interested in being one of the first to know about new collections, upcoming events and exclusive deals, we invite you to sign up for our email newsletter and follow along on our journey.

We're big believers in community, giving back, and spreading the love!

That's why we're committed to contributing a profit share from our sales to a rotating charity or non-profit organization. Some causes we're passionate about: pitbull rescue, global impact organizations, natural disaster relief funds, and more. For additional information on our current partnerships, feel free to reach out.



Meet Kaelyn!

Owner and Creative Visionary

With roots in the Pacific Northwest, Kaelyn knew early on that she had a love for all things art and working with her hands. This grew into a passion, and she realized that within her artistry, she wanted to bring more beauty into the world. As a maker and artist herself, she's grown to understand the love and time goes into making a lot of handmade products.

Several years ago, Kaelyn and her husband felt drawn to the vivacious city of Austin, Texas. They immersed themselves into the diverse and stimulating culture which grew the idea for Fawn & Blu; a fusion of beauty for the home, body and soul. She invites you to join her in supporting artists and quality craftsmen and women from all around the world—including right here in Austin.